How does Pre-Order work?

Pre-order is a system that allows us to remain an eco-friendly company by keeping a low inventory. This means that we only keep items stored in our warehouse that we know will be a fast moving product and those that are for pre-order are items that will be made once an order has been put in. Because of this, items set for pre-order may take longer than what we are accustomed to when making retail purchases but we do this to ensure that no garments go to waste and no unnecessary pollution is put out into our water or air.

Is everything pre-order?

For best sellers and items we know are going to be in high demand, we will have those items in stock. Please allow those items to appear at your doorstep 3-5 business days after processing.

How long does my order take to process?

Our processing time takes about 1-2 business days and 10 business days for any pre-order item.


Our mission

We are a small team of fashion-forward individuals who are constantly seeking for the next big trends. We have 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and we take pride in our products. Our years of experience also has taught us that the fashion world is one of the biggest contributors to the pollution and resource waste that we are currently experiencing on our planet. We love trends but we also love our planet.

As a solution, here at Hey Samy we keep a low quantity inventory and only produce the items that our customers order. This process feels a little longer than most retailers, as your items will take up to 2 weeks to show up at your doorstep, but we do this to ensure that we are able to lessen our carbon footprint on the planet.

We’re here to keep you looking good and feeling good!

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